What to Expect at Your First Visit

We're positive you’ll love your first visit at Gleason Orthodontics.

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What Happens at Your
Free Consultation?

Before you come in for your free consultation, we're happy to look up any insurance benefits available to you and prepare that information before your appointment.

You'll be greeted by our friendly receptionist when you first come in. She will gladly show you how to check using our automated system.

After that, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while your dedicated Treatment Coordinator gives you a tour of our beautiful office. Have fun telling Sonya about your life and interests while you see where your future treatment will be.

We are happy to offer you free orthodontic records, including photos and a panoramic X-ray, at your appointment. These are a breeze to take, and Sonya will make sure you are comfortable the entire time. After taking these records, you'll be all set to see Dr. Gleason.

One-on-One With Dr. Gleason

During your one-on-one, exclusive time with Dr. Gleason, he’ll show you why he recommends treatment, what options you have, and how a beautiful smile can actually improve your overall health!

You will feel so comfortable with Dr. Gleason as he walks you through treatment and answers all of your questions.

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Ask Any Question

After your time with Dr. Gleason, you will have an opportunity to sit back down with your designated Treatment Coordinator.

We’ll go over any additional treatment questions you have and present you with our many financial options. We are sure you will find something to fit your lifestyle and budget!

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Same-Day Starts

We know you’re busy, so we want to try and maximize your time. If you’re ready for treatment, you can even start that very day! We are happy to offer Same-Day Starts, meaning you can come into our office for your first visit and leave with a smile adorned with braces.