Front Desk

Need to schedule an appointment, have a question about financing, or just want to talk? Karen is your woman! Karen answers the phone, manages Dr. Gleason's schedule, helps you with your payments and everything else in between. Karen is an attentive person who is always ready to make you comfortable. She thoroughly enjoys spending her days with the amazing families that walk through our door.

Keep your eyes peeled for Karen on the lake as she loves boating with her family, including the family dog, Coco. Her happiest days are those when she is surrounded by her loved ones.



Financial Coordinator

If numbers aren't your thing, never fear, Kate is here! Kate is our numbers wiz. She makes taking care of financial arrangements a breeze. Kate also does all of the insurance billing. It is her job to make sure anyone can afford orthodontic treatment, whether it is for yourself or someone you love. She finds her greatest joy in working with our patients and making sure you maximize your insurance benefits!

This mother of two loves reading and spending as much time as she can in the sun. When she is not home with the family dog, Kya, you can find her, her husband, and two sons ATVing!



Treatment Coordinator

Meet your personal guide at Gleason Orthodontics! Jessica is our new patient concierge and will walk you through all the steps you need to know to start treatment. You will find Jessica giving 100% of her time in energy to new patients, in and out of the office. She is thrilled that her days are spent guiding patients and helping them feel comfortable and empowered to make a knowledgeable decision!

When she’s not here at work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family. She is an avid cook and loves to entertain.



Dental Clinician

Jaclyn loves hearing all about a patient’s day, catching up on the latest news about their family and various adventures. This makes her job of chairside assisting a perfect fit. With over 20 years of experience, Jaclyn really knows her stuff; you will find her jumping in to help Dr. Gleason in every situation. She’s busy, but never too busy for a quick chat.

At home, you’ll find Jaclyn spending time with her family. She loves the outdoors and during the summer you may see her enjoying her time in the Thousand Islands.



Dental Clinician

Kathleen loves coming to work knowing she’s going to spend the day having interesting exchanges with fascinating people: our patients! She has done it all and knows all there is to know. If you don't see her in the treatment room, she is busy making all of our aligners and retainers. Whether she is creating smiles or keeping them perfect, Kathleen finds pleasure in knowing she is making a difference in the lives of others!

Away from work, you’ll find Kathleen spending time with her husband, Brian, and daughters Alida and Ellie. She loves taking photos of her little girls!



Dental Clinician and Front Desk

You could not be met by more joy than by having Carly working with you! She is thrilled to be one of Dr. Gleason's clinicians. A mom herself, Carly is always abreast of what is going on in our patients' and parents' lives. Whether she’s providing you with home care instructions, or delivering chairside support, Carly is here for you. She gets great joy in spending time with everyone who walks in the front door!

In her free time, Carly takes full advantage of being outdoors. You will catch her hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with her family and dog, Simba.


Bio Coming Soon!