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DSC_0710 Todd Fleming

Comprehensive Virtual
Treatment Form

This online form is typically for patients who have all their adult teeth. This usually means patients who are 12-13 years of age and older.

Looking for Invisalign or braces? Want full treatment or just to correct a little crowding or spacing? This form is for you.

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Phase I & Airway Treatment Assessment Form

This online form is for children who still have baby teeth. The American Association of Orthodontics states that every child should be seen by an orthodontist by age seven.

For some children, such as those with sleep and behavioral problems, that age may be even younger. Use this form to find out if your child should see our orthodontist Dr. James Gleason.

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Early Childhood Sleep Questionnaire

Unsure as to whether your child should see an orthodontist or not? Fill out this form. It will help guide you and give you an indication of the urgency with which your child should be seen. If you deem it prudent to see an orthodontist, this form will also allow you to submit photos for a virtual orthodontic consultation. Alternatively, you can call our office to schedule an in-person appointment.

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